Episode 34 - The 'Republican Recall' That Wasn't

What happened in California?

What happened in the failed California recall? Democrats called it the Republican recall but not many Republicans voted. Or did they?

General Milley committed treason. He must be punished severely. But will he? Not likely and that’s a shame because our Constitution is no longer being honored.

What’s going on with these vaccines? The Biden admin is taking away a proven treatment method in Florida. They want Floridians to be hospitalized and perish for political purposes. Sick.

We have a moral crisis in America. We must restore it. We must outwork the left. Our country depends upon it.

Ep. 33 - The Biggest Biden Scandal to Date

The most important story of the weekend is that Joe Biden didn’t give a speech on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Bush gave a disgraceful speech equating January 6th with terrorists who killed more than 3,000 Americans. Joe’s silence proves yet again he’s not the President.

While Biden was boo’d, Trump was celebrated. Trump is highlighting the distinction between he and Joe and strategically demonstrating why he should be President. Trump is laying the groundwork for a 2024 presidential run.

The biggest scandal of the Biden administration broke over the weekend. A New York Times reporter exposed that the Biden administration murdered an innocent Afghan aid worker and his family but lied to the American people and said they’d killed an ISIS operator.

I met a former democrat over the weekend who has defected and become a conservative. Her story gives us hope.

Another study from Israel proves natural immunity is superior to the vaccine. When Fauci is confronted with the science and asked why those previously infected should get the vaccine he says, “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that.” I give you one theory about why they’re mandating vaccines.

The left argues Biden’s mandate is constitutional and has precedent because of a previous Supreme Court ruling regarding smallpox. The ate liars and mental midgets. I explain the ruling they’re referring to: Jacobsen versus Massachusetts.

Big pharma and the democrats are colluding. A nurse recently told me she had been ordered not to administer proven life saving treatments because they were inexpensive. Follow the money.

Finally, the National Archives is attacking our Founding documents. More details emerge. As the left violates the Constitution and embraces totalitarianism, the National Archives seeks to destroy the Constitution.

Episode 32 - Democrats: the party of dumb

Buckle up. The latest and best episode yet.

California and Conservative gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder was attacked by racist white Democrats while walking through the Venice Neighborhood of Los Angeles County. Democrats are terrified Newsom will actually be recalled...even Obama is filming ads for Newsom now. I explain why this recall election is so important.

The Democrats don't live in reality. They don't understand why Newsom is being recalled, nor do they understand why Biden's approval has plummeted. It's amazing how out of touch Democrats are.

Inflation is hurting Americans. But don't worry...Democrats say if you ignore the areas in which we are seeing inflation...there's no inflation. These people are so dumb. Their solution to inflation is (surprise, surprise) more Government. Speaking of dumb, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is surprised the Taliban didn't follow through on their promise to create an 'inclusive' Government. Boy these people are dumb.

Biden's 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill is designed to eliminate fossil fuels in America. Wait until you hear what's in it.

We've learned the CDC makes their recommendations based on whatever the Teacher's Union tells them they should be. Is that science?

Finally, breaking news today as Biden prepares to give a speech on the pandemic. Hint: he will attack the unvaccinated, announce federal employees will be required to get the vaccine, and encourage business owners in the private sector to follow his 'lead.'

Episode 31 - Why the left is losing their minds about the Texas abortion bill

Everything you need to know about the Texas abortion bill.

The left is losing their minds about the passage of the Texas abortion bill because it works. The Republicans in Texas have finally outmaneuvered the left. I explain the history of Roe V. Wade, why it's unconstitutional, and the origins of the brilliant and revolutionary Texas legislation banning abortions around 6 weeks. Also, Alan Dershowitz is wrong again. My feud with Dershowitz continues.

Wouldn't you just hate to lose RINO Adam Kinzinger in Congress?

Drew Allen | American Thinker | 9-1-21

There's been little to smile about over the past eight months as the Biden regime has laid waste to the greatest nation in the history of the world.  But at last, there may be something to smile about: the elimination of the 16th Congressional District in Illinois via redistricting.  Why?  This is Adam Kinzinger's district, and to lose him would be poetic justice.

While there are many RINOs in the Republican Party, few have exhibited a more pathetic and humiliating desire to be accepted by the mainstream media, the D.C. establishment, and Democrats — at the expense of our nation — than Kinzinger.

Not only was Kinzinger one of ten gutless House Republicans to vote to impeach Donald Trump on the most recent Democrat party hoax to charge Trump with inciting an insurrection on January 6, but he proudly and disgracefully voted with Democrats to create a bipartisan 9/11-style commission to investigate the non-insurrection.

Though the legislation to establish the commission failed to pass, Kinzinger then proudly and disgracefully accepted his appointment by Nancy Pelosi to the select 9/11-style committee instead. 
"I am a Republican, I am a conservative," Kinzinger claimed in his testimony before he cried his now-infamous crocodile tears.  Really?  That must be why Pelosi rejected the appointments of conservative reps. Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio and offered the appointment to Kinzinger instead.  Since then, "Crybaby" Kinzinger has become a favorite guest on CNN. 

read the full article here.

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