The New Republican Party

To Win the War to Save America We Must First Win the War to Reclaim the Republican Party

America has “elected” a president who believes the White House is a royal palace and mistakes the Oval Office for his throne room. Joe Biden has already issued enough royal edicts disguised as executive orders to make our once tyrant King George III look like a benevolent champion of the thirteen colonies. The grievances listed in our Declaration of Independence as just cause for our Revolution suddenly seem like the petulant complaints of a group of hormonal teenagers. As an illuminating exercise, I would encourage the reader to study the list of grievances compiled in 1776 and imagine they were listed today. In fact, we could hold a competition to see who among us can create a new list of grievances against the Democrat Party and our Government, and the longest list wins. To hold such a competition, however, would cause cases of arthritis to exceed those of Covid. Our economy would have to be shut down because of such a pandemic.

It really is quite remarkable that grandpa Joe’s arthritic hands have withstood the strain of his handlers’ demands. With every stroke of his pen, Joe has rendered America less safe, less free, less prosperous, and declared war on the American people. It would be an impressive feat if it didn’t represent the greatest threat to America since the Civil War.

If the Democrat Party’s assault on our jobs, once unalienable Rights, sovereignty, and the separation of powers aren’t enough to convince some of you that we are at war, simply look no further than the seemingly permanent presence of armed troops and barbed wire fencing around our Capitol to overcome such denial.

Many Americans have convinced themselves that tyrants such as those in our Government today couldn’t or wouldn’t ascend to the highest offices of our land. And yet generation after generation of enlightened, God fearing, liberty loving Americans have warned us, in no uncertain terms, of our vulnerability to succumbing to the very tyranny from which our ancestors shed their blood to escape. I think the time is long overdue to revisit the wisdom and warnings of our ancestors. San Francisco can erase their names from our public schools and Democrat activists can topple their statues, but their wisdom cannot be erased from the hearts and minds of the informed American citizen.

In a seldom quoted and long forgotten speech given on January 27, 1838 Abraham Lincoln warned the American citizens that while the American experiment had been successful, “it is to deny what the history of the world tells us is true, to suppose that men of ambition and talents will not continue to spring up amongst us. And, when they do, they will as naturally seek the gratification of their ruling passion, as others have done before them.” Today we are forced to confront the reality that what the history of the world tells us is true and that in America, right now, such tyrants have sprung up amongst us.

Our Founders went to great lengths to tie the hands of those who would seek to abuse their elected positions, constructing a Constitution that limited the powers of the governing, establishing checks and balances, and granting “we the people” unalienable Rights. However, as James Madison wrote, “we have staked the whole of our political institutions on the capacity of mankind to govern themselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” Well, today Americans are staring into the abyss of despotism because American citizens and politicians alike have abandoned morality. 

But allow me to assuage your fears and offer you hope, because while the Democrat Party has fully embraced Marxism and marches to defeat America and reduce her citizens to slaves, we have a Republican Party eager and determined to defend us — emblems of virtue. Don’t we? We should all feel a great sense of relief knowing that the mighty and uncompromising party of Lincoln, Reagan, and Trump stands between “we the people” and America’s imminent demise. Shouldn’t we?

“Ay, there’s the rub,” as Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet declares. While the Republican Party is our only political defense against the Marxist charge, many of our officers and generals we call elected officials or politicians have both shamelessly and shamefully pledged their allegiance to the Washington establishment rather than to the American people. 

Mitch McConnell viciously attacks fellow Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, calling her a “cancer to the Republican Party” while he wheels and deals with Chuck U Schumer, the cancer to the American people, in the Senate. McConnell condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene’s conspiracy theories while simultaneously entertaining and promoting the conspiracy theory that Trump incited an insurrection. 

Mitch “Benedict Arnold” McConnell breathlessly and repeatedly vows to eradicate Trumpism from the Republican Party but can’t find the time or words to decry the appointment of Eric Swalwell, the disgraced and compromised Democrat who actually committed an act of “erection” in the U.S capital with a Chinese spy, to the House Committee of Homeland Security. How can we win a war to save America when our own leaders in the Republican Party are eager and willing to surrender or defect to the side of the Marxist enemy?

Something is happening in America right now, which should give us cause for hope. The Democrat Party, in a manner emulating their Iranian friends, has already overreached and revealed their Marxist hand, leaving both Democrats and Independents scratching their heads and worried about their country. Those who voted for Biden, even those who may have voted for him twice, are looking at the goods they were sold and seeing that the contents are rotten. Others, like myself, are conservative, freedom loving Americans ready and willing to sacrifice to defend America from the Marxist charge. 

But that hope is diminished by the uninspiring and deleterious attacks of the modern day Benedict Arnolds in the Republican Party against their own. Many of us have been watching as these “moderate” Republicans have staged their own reenactment of the assassination of Julius Caesar by the Roman Senate. Like the modern retelling of Shakespeare’s plays, our Republican Senators and Congress pronouns have merely substituted Donald Trump for Julius Caesar.

In this modern era of cancel culture and political discrimination, in which an American’s Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness depends on his or her willingness to condemn these very Rights, what sane citizen, regardless of conviction, would step forward to have McConnell and company tie them up and send them below deck to the brig? Why sacrifice your security and reputation to join a political party that eats its own and dines with the enemy? Single digit IQ Democrat recruits like A.O.C are celebrated and put on the cover of vanity fair while Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene are compared to cancer by their supposed allies.

George Washington warned of our present predicament and crisis in his farewell address. He said that political parties “serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the will of the nation, the will of a party.” The answer to this is simple. The Democrat Party has vocally condemned Trump’s America First policy. They are the communist party and the Republican must be the Constitutional Party who puts America and Americans first.  

The Republican Party was born to confront the issue of slavery. They split from the Whigs, who were unwilling and ineffective in confronting the Democrats on the issue of slavery. Just as there could be no compromise in the 1860s between those who supported slavery and those who opposed it, there can be no compromise today between those who wish to destroy America and those of us who wish to save it, those who wish to destroy the Constitution and those of us who wish to uphold it, and those of us who wish to remain free and those who wish to enslave us. The Republican Party must be bold and uncompromising in their opposition to the tyranny of the Democrat Party. Our future success is Reaganism and Trumpism, not Bushism and McConnellism. The Democrat Party platform is America last. The Republican platform must continue to be America First.

At present a majority of Americans are opposed to the amoral and anti-American regressivism of the Democrat cult but if the Republican Party doesn’t quickly condemn its moderates and condone its patriots, we will squander the opportunity of a lifetime to make the Republican Party the populist party of Americanism that we need now and effectively win back the hearts and minds of our countrymen. Thanks to four years of Trump and the overt insanity of the left we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build and expand upon a base which cries out for a champion of liberty and justice for all. These men and women are searching for a home. Let them find that home in the Republican Party.

But should the RINOS succeed in making the Republican Party indistinguishable from the Democrat Party, our base not only will not grow, but will evaporate. The murmurs of a third party we hear at present will turn into deafening cries that become reality. The war will end and America will fall. We must win the war to reclaim and restore the Republican Party. Only then can we defeat the Democrat Party and continue our 245 year journey towards freedom.

We must unapologetically embrace radical Americanism and reject those who wish to make the Republican Party moderate. We must be the originalist party, which fulfills America’s creed. We can’t be moderately or partially American or moderate supporters of liberty and the Constitution. We are the American party, with arms open wide to any and all who also wish to be free. 

While we cannot expect the Mitch McConnells and Mitt Romneys and Ben Sasses to burn down their establishment clubhouse, where they dine and golf with their Marxist Democrat comrades, we must stop sending them new members. We must recruit and uplift new candidates beholden to the American people to replace the moderate and compromised career politicians who are beholden to the Washington establishment. Unabashed Americanism must replace cowardly Republicanism. We must send a loud and clear message to the American people that the Republican Party is the party of Americans’ interests, not self interest. 

As Reagan said, and I paraphrase, broadening our base doesn’t mean blurring our image. A great realignment has already begun. A new American awakening is upon us, in which we see the battle before us is no longer Democrat versus Republican but American citizen against Washington D.C. Our answer to the Democrats cannot be to be more like them but to be nothing like them. The banner we raise must be uncompromising and instantly recognizable. If we don’t know what we stand for, how can anyone else? 

This new Republican Party must stand for only one thing: the American citizen. If we do this and reject our opponents beliefs that the American citizen is not capable of self governance, that the politicians in Washington D.C can run our lives better than we can, and that the private citizen is a second class citizen who lives to serve the government, we will prevail.

But to do this we must first win back the Republican Party. If we win back the Republican Party we can begin to take back seats from the Democrats. If we take back seats from the Democrats we will experience a new era of prosperity in America. And if America persists, the world will benefit. 

2022 elections are coming and our battle to win those seats began yesterday. We lost a great battle in November but the war isn’t over. I’ve already got my eye on helping win the 36th Congressional race in California.