Episode 32 - Democrats: the party of dumb

Buckle up. The latest and best episode yet.

California and Conservative gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder was attacked by racist white Democrats while walking through the Venice Neighborhood of Los Angeles County. Democrats are terrified Newsom will actually be recalled...even Obama is filming ads for Newsom now. I explain why this recall election is so important.

The Democrats don't live in reality. They don't understand why Newsom is being recalled, nor do they understand why Biden's approval has plummeted. It's amazing how out of touch Democrats are.

Inflation is hurting Americans. But don't worry...Democrats say if you ignore the areas in which we are seeing inflation...there's no inflation. These people are so dumb. Their solution to inflation is (surprise, surprise) more Government. Speaking of dumb, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is surprised the Taliban didn't follow through on their promise to create an 'inclusive' Government. Boy these people are dumb.

Biden's 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill is designed to eliminate fossil fuels in America. Wait until you hear what's in it.

We've learned the CDC makes their recommendations based on whatever the Teacher's Union tells them they should be. Is that science?

Finally, breaking news today as Biden prepares to give a speech on the pandemic. Hint: he will attack the unvaccinated, announce federal employees will be required to get the vaccine, and encourage business owners in the private sector to follow his 'lead.'