Episode 23 - America's Pandemic of Pus*ies





The Circus in open. I've never seen more grown men cry than during the opening of the January 6th committee. Caitlyn Jenner has more testosterone. This is a sham and it's right out of the Nazi playbook.

Lester Holt isn't a journalist, but he is a good man. The MSM is simply the propagandist arm of the Democrat Party. It's disappointing to me because I know Lester on a personal level. I explain. He's a very decent man but he works for NBC.

I've spent my entire life in the presence of liberals, working in Italy, fashion, and Hollywood. The upshot is I actually have had my beliefs challenged for two decades. This is what makes my perspective unique.

Lester interviews Fauci and blows it. The media is a serious problem in America. I go through the questions a real journalist would ask. Lester could be an American hero if he would be honest and become a journalist again. He could be Walter Cronkite and tell the truth. Not holding my breath.

I discuss a new article I'm working on. The Great American Experiment, which has been a success is now failing. Not because it's flawed but because amoral politicians have used COVID to destroy the American Experiment. Our Rights are no longer unalienable, but seem to come from Government. The Republican Party is our only peaceful defense against this attack, but they are useless.