Episode 114 - The Democrats Went Nuclear, Will They Blow Up?

Democrats Hope to Make Midterms About Trump


I’m sick of being on defense. Trump did nothing wrong. The latest Raid is another hoax, just like Collusion, Quid pro quo, and Insurrection. The DOJ doesn’t want the affidavit released because the affidavit will incriminate them.

The facts don’t add up. The Democrats don’t have a crime, they’re searching for one. The Raid was a pretext to seize docs the Democrats hope can give them another hoax.

Kash Patel suggests the Raid is an attempt to cover up Russia-gate.

It’s time to call the Democrats what they are: traitors. No President since Lincoln has threatened the status quo more than Trump.

The Democrats are using the latest hoax to make the midterms about Trump, rather than their failures.

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